Doggo Bicycle Trailers, full supension for your pets comfort

Doggo Bike Trailer

The most stable and comfortable bike trailer for you and your dog.

Made in Canada to take the rough terrain and keep your dog sailing along in smooth style.

Doggo Bike is proud to be a company that designs only for dogs - not for kids, not for cargo.

"Since 2017, Sischa, our CEO - Canine Executive Officer - needed a way to be comfortably included in her human parents bike rides.

After her complaints about bike trailers poorly adapted to her doggy-shaped anatomy, we had no choice but to figure out an improved product to respond to her dogship’s highest requirements.

Doggo Bike was founded by Sischa, a Basset Artesian Normand, as well as Arthur and Marina, dog lovers and creative friends from engineering school."

Doggo Suspension Trailer $565