The Werk is a super fun, versatile, go-anywhere electric bike that's at home on the paved streets, and gravel paths. It is great for popping to the store to pick up groceries or carring your gear to enjoy a sunny beach day.


Surface604 Werk

Step through urban cruiser with large front and rear racks capable of carrying all your daily gear and more.

Purpose built for top speed 500W 48V electric motor. Feel the surge of quiet, consistent power distribution at higher speeds - vibration-free. The Werk is a eye catching, versatile, go-anywhere electric bike that's just as much at home on the paved street and country paths. It's equipped with a Bafang 500W hub motor that is extremely powerful (peaks at 750W) that helps you sustain speeds of up to 32 km/h.

The Werk is a super fun, versatile, go-anywhere electric bike. It is great for popping to the store to pick up groceries or carrying your gear to enjoy a day a the beach.


Because an electric bike is only as good as it’s power distribution.

Werk incredibly smooth torque sensor knows how hard you are pedaling down to the microsecond and matches it with a proportionate power.

Custom drop out design delivers whisper smooth torque sensor sensation at any assist level.

In fact, you will swear it’s as so smooth as a mid-drive motor.


Many thanks for your prompt and efficient work on our e-bikes last week. We certainly appreciate the excellent customer care!
Bev and Dave
Friendly staff and so helpful
They all want us to enjoy the experience while riding a bike. tx Cheryl Harvey
We did not even purchase our bikes from bc ebikes and they serviced our bikes and provided us with lots of information to make our biking experience better. Thank you thank you thank you.....I now know why Mitchell from surface 604 was not worried at all about the issues we were having once he knew we took our bikes to your team!
tx James Smeltzer

The passion and knowledge that Rob and staff have for the products they sell, as well as the care and expertise they provide in helping their customers keep biking safely. tx Ron
Amazing people ! They are fixing my fathers bike even though it’s a older e-bike and know one else will touch it ! Great service! tx Trevor Sandnes

Stayed after hours to complete sale and complete last minute assembly. Shared operating instructions and safety tips. Very patient with technical challenges of payment process.
Thanks so much for your quality service
Excellent customer service
Dealt with my repair, then spent time with me, to familiarize me with the features of my e-bike. Look forward to having service performed by BC Ebikes. Thank you for your attention to detail Chris.
Hello again,

Just got home a bit ago and wanted to let you know that the reprogramming made for a smoother ride home on my Dost bike. It now runs much more like my previous bike which was a lot of fun to ride. The reprogramming definitely made for easier transitions and having my mirror back is very comforting.

Thank you for the update! Melissa
Very friendly and helpful service. Willing to spend a lot of time helping us choose