Electric bikes and the the RV lifestyle are a seamless fit

Electric bikes and the the RV lifestyle are a seamless fit

by Rob Hanna

Electric bikes and the the RV lifestyle are a seamless fit. Whether you’re a weekend camper or a RV road warrior, the ebike is an eco-friendly, affordable and lighweight way to take your travel experience to the next level.

Wind in your hair and a smile on your face.

The first reason the e-bike is the answer, your electric bike will give you the freedom to visit the closest town, or get to the store without having to break camp or unhook your truck. With ranges up to 60 km, an electric bike is the perfect way to run errands, enjoying the glide to the store, more that you ever thought possible. The smooth, comfortable and powerful feel of the Rook, Colt, Boar or Shred, you’ll run errands in style.

Second, pedalectric bikes are the perfect way to move around camp. If you are a regular RV’er, you are well aware that some parks are gigantic, and the best spots are often secluded and far away from most amenities. If you don’t feel like walking 10 minutes to check if your laundry is ready, just hop on your electric bike!

Third, you can really get out and experience the area you’re visiting. Why spend your time behind a pane of glass, when you can ebike? A car, or truck or RV isolates you from nature; an ebike, on the other hand, gets you up close and personal, see, smell, taste and feel the adventure. You can travel further and faster on a ebike than you could walking, allowing you to see and do more.

Fourth, if you're interested in wildlife, the near silent motors allow you to get up close and personal with untamed nature, unlike ATVs and motorbikes. You can take foot paths no car or scooter can travel. The rack system allows you to pack heavy camera equipment, you would otherwise have to pack on your back or leave at the RV. The Boar Fat Tire ebike, is designed to carry fishing and hunting equipment. The Boar comes equipped with a fat bike specific 750W motor that is extremely powerful (peaks at 1000W). With a torque sensor and throttle on demand, the Boar is well suited to carry heavy loads and is often referred to as the pickup truck of bikes.

Fifth, bragging rights,,, yes you will have the most enjoyable, coolest, eco-friendly transport in the RV park!

Sixth, it is just pennies to charge the ebikes, making them almost free to ride after purchase, unlike a gas powered scooter, car, atv, or golf cart.

Seventh, ebikes are not restricted in campgrounds unlike motorized transport. ATVs or motorbikes.

Eighth and final reason: The freedom to explore parks at length. Many parks are bike friendly, while being closed to motorized transport. ATVs, motorbikes, scooters and automobiles.