eBike Life

Ebike Cleaning and Care

by Rob Hanna

You should always read the owner’s manual supplied with your electric ebike, but here's some extra tips we've picked up while working with ebikes.

How do I keep my battery in tip top shape?

  • Only use the charger that was supplied with your ebike to charge your battery.
  • Store ebike, batteries, and charger in a dry place, out of the weather. Only operate the charger in a dry place.
  • Shock, vibration, high heat, sub freezing temperatures, water, high humidity, crushing, punctures, are all bad for batteries. Do what you can to prevent the exposure of your battery to such.
  • Our recommendation to get the most life from your battery is to charge your battery after every ride. If you're not going to be using the ebike for extended periods of time (months), you'll want to store the battery 30 to 60% full.

How do I wash my new Ebike

No High Pressure Washing! It damages the components of an eBike, water can penetrate into the bearings of the motor, hubs or rear frame.

  1. Before cleaning, remove the battery.
  2. Cover the Display with a waterproof cover, like plastic film or a plastic bag
  3. Do not put the battery completely underwater – just wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  4. Use water, diluted dish soap, or bike cleaner, a sponge, and a soft brush to gently remove grime. Sensitive electronic parts, require cleaning in a gentle and cautious manner.
  5. Wipe off the plug pins on the frame and remove all remaining moisture from the bike with a dry towel.
  6. Before you reinsert the battery, be certain to dry the contact points (or allow them to dry).
  7. Do not use degreasing cleaners near seals or contact points as they may cause damage.
  8. Lubricate the chain, using bike lube, (no WD-40) remove excess with soft cloth
  9. Perform a short function check after washing: Is the battery correctly engaged? Does the drive work correctly? Does the system respond correctly to buttons being pressed

How should I care for my eBike if it is not used for some weeks or months?

  1. It should be clean and lightly lubricated.
  2. The chain and exposed aluminium parts treated with suitable care products.
  3. Battery should be removed and stored in a dry place at room temperature, ideally between zero and 20 degrees. It is important for the battery to have a residual charging capacity of between 30 and 60 percent. (No not store the battery for long periods of time with a 100% charge)

This is a very comprehensive bike cleaning video

(You may want to leave your own bike's wheels on)