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Denman Island E-bike Tour

by Rob Hanna

Denman Days!

My mission to ride an electric bike on as many of the Gulf Island as possible, has lead me to the often overlooked Denman Island. It does't have the sandy beaches of it's famous partner island of Hornby, but make no mistake, Denman Island has a lot to offer, with a lot less traffic.

"Denmand island is 19 km long and 5 km wide, and marked by a rolling ridge on the eastern side that rises 60 to 100 metres toward the western side of the island. There are sandy beaches, rocky coves, hiking trails, lush forests, and picture-perfect farmlands to enjoy. The beauty of Denman's natural environment appeals to artists and outdoor enthusiasts. One can closely observe deer, pheasants, herons, hawks and even the majestic bald eagle!"


The video will not really due the island justice, as there was great deal of smoke in the air from the fire near by.

Denman Island Ferry Schedule

Denman Island Information



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