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Mid Vancouver Island, Nanaimo BC

Let Our Friendly Staff Help you to find the perfect e-bike, whether you plan to commute to school or work, explore the urban landscape, or discover the great outdoors we have a style of e-bike for you.

We Are Avid E-Bike Riders, so we:

  • Understand the workings of the electric system and can provide advice, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Provide a comprehensive instruction on e-bike operation prior to taking you on a demo ride in the quiet neighborhood


  • Our E-bike showroom is located on 5 acres in the Jingle Pot area of Nanaimo, 2334 Maxey Road
    • with low traffic, and varied terrain you can see how amazing the e-bikes are on hills, paths, and roads, without the worry of speeding automobiles

Are you a woman under 5 feet, having a hard time finding an adult bike that fits your smaller size?

Does your past bike experience involve teetering on a bike that was too big for you, and you were afraid you’d hurt yourself?

Or have you been told, you need a “Kids Bikes”? Left riding at the back of the pack, on a poor quality bike?

Well, if you’re like many of our customers of “smaller” stature who are in search of a comfortable, fashionable, and quality bike that will let you ride with confidence and style, we’ve got some great choices for you!

  • Velec R48 Small 4’ 11” to 5’3”
  • Velec R48 Med 5’4 to 5’ 7”
  • Velec A2 5’ to 5’ 5”
  • Velec A2S for the under 5 feet crowd, this is a great bike with an ultra low step through.
  • Surface604 Twist folding e-bike

All these bikes are European in style with a nice low step through frame.

Please Book Your Free E-Bike Demo Ride

Do I need to know how to ride a regular bike? Yes! for your safety!!

Our showroom is located in the Jingle Pot area of Nanaimo on 5 Acres providing you a low traffic & scenic location to get you started.

  • We show you how all the controls work and give advice on the best gear and assist level to get you riding with ease.
  • There is a nice hill at the end of the test ride where you can experience the power of the e-bike; you'll be astonished at how simple it is to glide to the top! NO SWEAT!
  • We want to make your demo ride a fun experience and happily accompany you providing helpful tips regarding the electric bike's operation.

Visit our Showroom

We have the largest stock of e-bikes on Vancouver Island

BCebike is proud to partner with Canadian Brands

-E-Bikes Designed For Canadian Weather and Terrain-

Ebike Service-Repairs

No appointment necessary!

Please drop you bike off at outside the sales shop, include keys, battery, and security code. Come in the store and register your bike with our receptionist. We will contact you with an update if required, and finally contact you to pick-up your e-bike. It will be a min of 2 days for all maintenance and longer for repairs to be completed.

Fantastic store with amazing staff who really took time with my husband and me. We were able to try out a couple different bikes on an actual road ride and not just in a parking lot. Chris spent a lot of time familiarizing us with the bikes and making sure we were comfortable with them before going out on the road where he rode alongside us giving helpful tips and advice. He was very patient and at no time did we feel pressured to hurry up and "catch on" nor did we feel pressured to purchase a bike. Thank you to all the staff. You really know how to do customer service right.

Debra Thursday, August 10, 2023

What to say about BCeBike's customer service? It simply is the best there is on Vancouver Island! I have a two-year-old Velec R48 which I love to ride. Unfortunately, the battery died. I had bought the bike in Duncan, but reaching the business there was painfully unsuccessful. Eventually I contacted Velec in Quebec and they immediately responded and told me to connect with BCeBike in Nanaimo. During a day their store was closed (Monday) I could deliver my bike to have it checked out. Rob the owner phoned me the same day to confirm the battery was dead, but luckily still on warranty. He provided me with a loan battery so I could keep riding and now the warranty is taken care of. On a site note, Rob checked out the bike completely and fixed assembly errors made in Duncan without charging me for it! Rob thank you so much! You are a true passionate business owner, and your customer service is out of this world!! Helma

Helma Monday, September 19, 2022

William Madill
Brought my electric scooter in to them. They went beyond service and fixes everything they could. Thanks everyone! Totally recommend

William Madill Saturday, July 16, 2022